Aug 25, 2010

The Hapless CM..

"Omar pays obeisance at Khawaja`s Dargah for pacifying the bleeding paradise." This was the news published in GK that stupefied me. A naive reader may be praising the youngest CM for his very gentle concern about the valley but in truth Little Abdullah couldn`t control the present crisis in Kashmir anymore so he approached the Dargah of khawaja Moinuddin Chasti as if Khawaja sahib would get resurrected from his sacred grave and restore peace in the valley like a messiah. But in true hapless Omar sahib didnt knew what khawaja sahib might be thinking from within his tomb. Verily he`ll be cursing the fabricators of the present tribulation in the valley of which the Abdullah commune share a major fraction. The very news racked my brain to recollect a nice saying that nearer the church the farther from the god.