Dec 5, 2012

Doctor`s pride

Let me have the pleasure to introduce you to the noblest of the noble, the doctors. Call them angels or saviors; they are the most prestigious one. Their field of medicine is a profession that has got a brilliant scope both in this world and hereafter.  

 Hilariously it’s only a doctor who can do social service and that too without spending a single cent from his pocket, Ha-ha! Plus more, it`s only him who never gets retired from his job.
Well I am sure this may seem hard to digest for many of my readers but I am sorry the angels dressed in the white don’t deserve the place they are really offered. They are rather earthly like others and hence bound to make mistakes. That’s why I put up a simple question: Do they really deserve accolades or what? Now follows the reasons for their downsides:

Doctors are very rightly taught all the physiology and chemistry stuff. These longheaded creatures are good learners of medicine. Alas! There is a big miss! The subject of human-conduct is missing somewhere in the syllabus of their moral science.  And this is a fact that`s very visible from their arrogant attitude minus some handful exceptions.

Right from their gestures to their gate, everything is packed with pride. Their lady associates are more inclined towards the daily soaps presenting trendy pompous doctor lifestyles. Their personalities always seem to be hanging on the cloud 9. They are always in a rush and their hasty speech confuses you; bang! What to have in the morning and what else in the evening? This remains an enigma! Well, better take my advice and never think of questioning them because they will never tolerate snooping, as they call it. It will only earn you their wrath.

Now talking about the patients’ role in doctor`s life. Well a patient is supposed to be the main facet in the life-cycle of a doctor. In fact it`s him only by means of which a doc earns his living. But the irony is that for a doctor, the patient is not more than a subject (A lesson from Muna- Bahi MBBS). In private practicing, the patient is only a money-making machine and in government part, the subject is a headache. Moreover in the former case, the docs try their level best to keep their patients buzzing around their clinics and in the latter they don`t like to see their faces for a second time. A patient is made to wait for hours for his turn and once the patient is pinged to go in, it takes him not even a minute to get his poor self examined properly and as such the patient is send back in a blink just with a pack of pills and dissatisfaction. It really pains to see us greasing their palms with our pricey darling bucks just for burning our own body with their acids and alcohols. Period! Now another minus!

Their handwritten prescription is so illegible for a common man that only a doctor or a patron chemist can decipher their coding. Possibilities are also there that it may get misinterpreted and the result will be a chaos. Doesn’t this astonish to see the writing of the big intellectuals so repulsive? Is this the reason for their egoism? I ask the brainy heads.  

Having said that let’s take a look over the exaggerated importance given to the docs in our society. The fact is fairly crystal clear that the medicine has ruled the roost in Kashmir for decades and will be positively doing so in the coming times as well. There is a monopoly of this mbbs thing among all the academics in Kashmir. Our society is badly infected with this obsession towards the doctor’s profession. I call it Obsessive Compulsive Doctor-philia. After class 10th everyone wants to become a doctor. It’s the number one preference. All the time, parents keep compelling their wards “Mera beta doctor baneyga” without caring about their choice. All the medical students crave to get into a medical college. They are ill-advised that in medical field they have only two options: either a doctor else nothing. Why? I ask you sirs.

Why is the medicine profession considered as the splendid of all? Well the answer is obvious. There is something heavenly about this field that makes people insanely to go after it. It’s a doctor getting a fine match at the right time and it`s him again earning the most preference and kindness in all the daily chores.

Lastly I wind-up this piece with a plea to my dear doctors:
Respected docs, I am not here to poke you for any of your fault. No sir not at all. Everything has got its positives and negatives. In fact I beyond doubt realize the fact that I stand nowhere in criticizing your wisdom. I just want to lay out the opinion of a common man who expects loads of support from his doctor which I am sorry I failed to find in your personality. It`s an appeal from a common man: “Please hear me sir; I beseech for your care, attention and your affection. You don’t realize the fact that you are a God-send angel for me, a cure to my ailments and an aid to my poor fellows. I am not asking you for any Munna Bhai`s “Jado ki jappi”. But I only expect a simple kind word and a healing touch. Believe me Doctor your single polite remark is far effective than thousands of your drugs.”

Lastly I request to be excused for any criticism I made to the noblest professionalism of medicine.

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