About my Writing

I never cracked a book,
neither I hold a pen.

Writing was never my cup of tea,
before a blood-spattered summer arrived.

My darling vale started to bleed,
under the alien occupation.
My people being trampled
under the anonymous jackboots

As a part of reprisal,
my brethren choose guns,
while others
picked stones.
Alas the bullets left no one breathing.

Blackout in the toxic suffocation,
I wished to alleviate my frustration

and to vent out my anger, 
I pen-down my emotions.Period!!

Now I live by my pen;
it’s a part of my soul.
And to make a long story short,
I found my niche in writing.


  1. So powerful....! u prove that the pen is mightier than the sword!

  2. @Ritika...

    Thank you So much Dear Ritika for your encouraging words...I appreciate..Hope yOu will be a regular reader :)

  3. hats off!your words are so influential

  4. hats off!your words are so influential