Feb 15, 2013


Kashmir shutdown, Day six!! Although the curfew has been somewhat relaxed but the mental trauma is still there. The heart beats are still at halt following the assassination of Kashmiri sentiments to satisfy the collective conscience of a nation that is conscience-impaired.

Well the globe might be moving at its pace but Kashmir is still stationary. The noose of curfew might have been loosened around the neck of a Kashmiri but Kashmir is still enslaved in the shackles of psychological prisons of helplessness and deceit.

I am frustrated now. I am digesting whatever I am being feed with. I sleep, I eat, again I sleep and I eat and shit out the eaten. That’s my routine now and for millions alike who are caged in their homes from last six days now.

When I move to my virtual life of social networking only to kill my time, I find the black banners still hanging the walls as if reminding me that Kashmir is still doomed.  The curfew now seems gagging my virtual life too not to question about my real life that was arrested the time I breathed my first in Kashmir. The happy people whose online habits were vivacious few days back, sharing their love stories and joys; they are all invisible now. Their footprints are nowhere online. Their mobile devices are cramped from crawling the web and thus turned lifeless.

Meanwhile the Mosques are full of “periodical” Nimazis who are otherwise busy attending their ungodly chores, myself included. Old bones, mid aged grey men and teeny revolutionary youth beat the common paths to the local mosques. The warm and cozy Masjid Hamams are all packed with people, young and old, beating the February cold and more importantly killing their Curfewed time. Revolutionary speeches and prediction of forthcoming days, all these trivial politics fill the air making it even warmer. Mosques in Kashmir are never so enthralling as on a hartal or curfew day, No wonder.

Lastly, I am left with writing all this only to push another story into an ocean of similar trivial attempts. I still write despite knowing the fact that nothing will change. Huh!  Probably because I am getting paranoid for being one of the lambs in a herd of cattle that are tethered with a common leash called 'curfew'.

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