Jun 22, 2012




A Veteran columnist for NY times,Thomas L. Friedman, in his recent article “First Tahrir Square, Then the Classroom” presented before us a very strong message that is worth pondering. The beautiful write-up by the author carries a very strong message about the “power of youth” and should act as a food for thought. The author very rightly dedicated the recent Arab awakenings to the youth. The author said, “The Arab awakening was a volcanic energy source of youth that blew the lid off Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Yemen and Libya”. At the same time the author claimed that the awe-inspiring revolution was not possible without a revolution in education i.e. without revolutionizing the mindset of the youth.

Well I am here not reviewing an article that was complied overseas but to present the crux of the matter that is to underline the importance of the heedful youth in building a nation. One such weighty effort in bringing the youth at par is the international youth forum. Popularly known as “IYF”, the international youth forum is a renowned community of youth with a sharp intellect that work for the noble cause of leading the nation to success.

The working theme of IYF is pivoted around the youth only. Reason being the immense potential carried by the youth. Youth are dynamic and full of energy. They have a vision and a constructive intellect that helps them steer along any tempest. Every youth, no matter where they belong, carry the same liveliness. Today nations stand out completely demarcated from one another with clear cut man-made boundaries but it’s the youth who bridge the gap.

IYF aims to hone the youth intellect, their personality, their expertise and their exposure to the dynamic world of opportunities. As a part of this constructive course IYF is holding an international conference in Noida India. Everyone one who calls himself a conqueror youth or dreams to be one is welcome to attend the unique conference by IYF. So IYF hails all the art-lovers, technocrats and intellects to come forward and hold the torch to enlighten their nation. Last of all winding-up with the parting message from IYF for the youth: “Rise and shine.” 

(P.S.  For more information about the IYF kindly visit www.youthforum.in/ )

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