May 17, 2011

Sweety! you are not alone...
 “Akeli sweety ki baat nahi..
   Ladki ki koi zaat nahi ”

It was more than a month now since I had penned my last article. My head was getting jammed plus my pen completely dehydrated. Nothing was working at all and this turned me completely ill at ease. Since I live by my pen and as such I could not move-on and it seemed like my soul had been detached from my body.

Curse my destiny or more amply my jinx; very soon after this disturbed period I came to hear about the sadistic news of a rape-n-murder of a 16 year old girl, Sweety in Kurukshetra, the place where I presently study my academics. Listening to the merciless news, I was almost thunderstruck since I had never heard of such an ugly happening in the holy city of Kurukshetra in my study course of three years.

Following the heart-rending news I was disturbed by nightmares and outlandish illusions as if Sweety was from my own blood in fact like my own sister who also happens to be a class 12th medical student. Ho-hum! How thorny time was it for me and I wonder how harsh would it have been for her family.  At last to alleviate myself from all this frustration I moved out to join a candle march in protest of the killing.