May 17, 2011

Sweety! you are not alone...
 “Akeli sweety ki baat nahi..
   Ladki ki koi zaat nahi ”

It was more than a month now since I had penned my last article. My head was getting jammed plus my pen completely dehydrated. Nothing was working at all and this turned me completely ill at ease. Since I live by my pen and as such I could not move-on and it seemed like my soul had been detached from my body.

Curse my destiny or more amply my jinx; very soon after this disturbed period I came to hear about the sadistic news of a rape-n-murder of a 16 year old girl, Sweety in Kurukshetra, the place where I presently study my academics. Listening to the merciless news, I was almost thunderstruck since I had never heard of such an ugly happening in the holy city of Kurukshetra in my study course of three years.

Following the heart-rending news I was disturbed by nightmares and outlandish illusions as if Sweety was from my own blood in fact like my own sister who also happens to be a class 12th medical student. Ho-hum! How thorny time was it for me and I wonder how harsh would it have been for her family.  At last to alleviate myself from all this frustration I moved out to join a candle march in protest of the killing.

Well it was not a full-sized assembly like in some political rally rather it was a petite crowd of some 100 people. The major part of the rally was constituted by the victim’s own relatives but fortunately some gentlemen also participated in the cause who had no lineage to Sweety at all. I thank God that even in present times, there are some kind people left on this planet who possess a healthy self-conscience. This speaks for many participants like me and my peers who were accompanying me, for whom Sweety was neither a kin nor any companion. The only relation that made all of us to move out and join the rally was the bond of humanity, the strongest of all.

I along with my comrades walked along the rally with lit candles in our hands. I also carried a placard, thanks to some unknown gentleman who handed it to me. The poster was written in Hindi and read like this “Akeeli Sweety ki baat nahi...Ladki ki koi jaat nahi”. Indeed a very heartless statement but unfortunately a true picture of the present condition of Indian women I must say.

 We walked afoot shoulder to shoulder for about some 5000 meters starting from a local school to the District commissioner’s residence. My curiosity to learn about the gruesome story was growing endlessly and with that I could clearly feel the fluctuating adrenaline in my nerves. To end up my curiosity, I fortunately met a gentleman who happened to be victim’s uncle. During the course I had a  conversation with him regarding Sweety. With every walking step I made, bitter facts were getting revealed to me and at the end of our talk; I came across the whole story of Sweety, how she was murdered, molested, and tortured. `Hell` was the only word I could utter. Following I share some of the glimpses of Sweety. 
Sweet and sugary as her name speaks, Sweety was the apple of eye for her parents and all her friends; alas the name that seemed to be lively just a fortnight ago is only a past now, in fact a frightening past.

A shinning student in her studies, Sweety was an outstanding student, said the gentleman. The third child of her parents, Sweety was the most upright among her other three sibs plus a very good homemaker. She often helped her family in all the daily chores and managed her job flawlessly. Sweety undoubtedly was everyone’s darling but least did anyone knew that a damsel will end-up her life by being crushed by the some anonymous jackboots. And with that we lost all the hope for another Kalpana Chawla or Kiran Bedi.

The awful news about Sweety shocked all her kith and kins but unfortunately the appalling cries of her mourners remained restricted to the narrow vicinity only and failed to catch the attention of the media on national level; reason being the news was not as captivating as that of jessica or ruchika, probably because the ill-fated daughter belonged from an ordinary family. Poor Sweety, did not belonged to any metropolitan city, neither she was a daughter of any VIP; otherwise the news would have been a whistle-blower that would have been captured along the length and breadth of all the dailies. But nothing worked, unfortunately.

As a step up, Sweety got a huge following on the social-networking site facebook through a page by the name “justice for sweety” having more than 900 followers. Every one despite of age, religion, colour, region, and creed condemned the inhuman act. Remonstrations and protests went on and on and people particularly the local youth supported her cause to the hilt. Alas! Least did anyone knew that they were just wasting their breath by expecting justice from the authorities with hollow souls. The irony was that the hurtful pleas met only the deaf ears.

 The dilly dally action of the police has not presented any firm upshot and this clearly pointed to the failure of police operation and disclosed the fact that the matter is being brushed under the carpet of some bigwigs. A witch hunt was expected as a part of the police action but instead they were found catching Z’s in their rest rooms else tailgating after the white ambassador cars of their big Daddies. 

People smell a rat in the matter and everyone is having the opinion that there must be some big cheese behind the gruesome slay.

I wonder why people feel proud to live in a civilised society like this. I regret such existence like dumb lame-ducks.   We live in a society that is plagued by pessimism and packed up by only taunt happy people. Yes the people that are all mouth and no trousers. They do nothing but their only job is to gibe in any trivial issue and poke their nose unnecessarily in the chores of others. I wonder if Sweety would have been left breathing after her rape by her culprits, she would have been not bared by our so called “Civilised society”. She would have been continuously criticised for her ill fate and then strangulated by the shackles of our society. Her presence would have been suffocated in a toxic atmosphere we live in.

Every now and then our politicians and the like intelligentsia come up with the statements like “How can we underrate the virtues of women folk in our society?” but when it comes to realize their claim, they prove all null and void. They should be ashamed of themselves for exploiting the female gender. The Eve`s daughter leaves no stone unturned to pep up the atmosphere of her home, both maternal and marital. But unfortunately, she not only experiences the harassment and violence within the four walls of her home but outside as well. Overt or covert, She is suffers, in the form of molestation, eve teasing and what not. All this trims down her worth only to that of a pitiable victim. Nay! She is a blessing in her own or more amply She is holier than thou.

No matter how long it will take to unveil the culprits but the truth is that what has been lost can’t be rejuvenated at any damn cost. In a month or so, the case will be shut down and the concerned file will be fed to the pests and dust on some filthy office shelves. But a million dollar question that arises here is that “when will people rouse from their deep slumber.” Are we waiting for the time our own sisters and daughters will be murdered or raped like Sweety (God forbid)? I guess only then we will wake up.

No doubt the incident has send waves all across Kurukshetra and parents are feeling afraid to send their daughters outside their homes. But the growing fear is not the solution. Those sitting back and watching everything as a mute spectators are not worth living. It’s time to join hands and speak-up against what’s BAD.

The crux of the matter is that we must realize that whoever becomes the unfortunate victim of these dreadful aliens can be our own blood also, our own friends. With this thing in our mind we must protest against such inhuman act PEACEFULLY.

Before I windup this article, I would like mention a saying of our beloved prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) as under:

“If you see anything wrong,
Try to change it with your hands.
If you cannot change it with your hands, then;
Try to change it with your voice.
If you cannot change it again, then;
Hate it (the wrong) in your heart.
And beyond that there is no faith.”

Last of all, I pray for dear Sweety “May her soul rest in peace and May Allah Almighty bestow patience to her family...Aameen

At the same time I hope justice will be done soon, after all it’s only the truth that prevails at the last.


Author: Abdul Wajid Parray.
Engineering student at Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra Haryana.
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