Feb 23, 2012

Dogs, dogs and only dogs

Dogs, dogs and only dogs. This is the buzzword captivating the length and breadth of the news dailies of the valley these days. Dogs are insanely on prowl in Srinagar streets giving a tough time for a common Kashmiri.

As an add-on to this ironically rueful happening I would like to share a jolly but heedful experience. A few days back I joyously started a dog count while riding pillion with my brother. To my amazement I found a whooping count of 400 dogs only from Broadway to SKIMS Soura, a distance of around 10Km, thereby gauging the ratio to 40 dogs/ km. This na├»ve figure although a doodle should act as a food for thought for the concerned authorities who still are catching Z’s in their rest rooms unaware of the dog spread.