Aug 4, 2012

A puzzle called Acne


March 30 Last year, I inscribed my sufferings on a similar column like this.  Thanks to my hobby of writing I could get some space to express my otherwise numb pain. From last six years I am suffering from a very common but ugly malady called as Acne Vulgaris.

Commonly known as pimples, Acne is a dermal disorder that leads to the reddish appearance of papules on one’s face. The infection has a varying scale, starting from tiny spots to huge stinging pustules.  Being one of victims of this dermal problem I previously winded-up my daunting experience but sadly Acne is still daunting for me.  

Many of my humble readers may be wondering at first as to why I am again underscoring Acne when there are other big issues to be considered in the first place. But what makes it worth revisiting is that the riddle of Acne is yet to be cracked by the brainy medicos who keep on prescribing their best sponsored drugs least bothering about the root cause. Secondly Acne is mainly associated with youth as it predominantly affects the latter only. 

Youth, the teenyboppers, are sensitive to anything that has something to do with their looks. A young boy may somehow manage to cope up but for a female lad it’s no less some abuse to carry acne on her face. Besides in our society it is sadly true that an acne victim is more a victim to the plagued system than to the bacteria itself. The victim has to face the taunt-loving people because they are always out there only to poke you for your ill-fate. There is an inevitable situation leading to inferiority-complex, shattered confidence and low morale. Skepticism and other psychological issues harass every minute. Watching one’s face in a mirror or facing strangers particularly the opposite sex is the most maddening. 

Honestly stating I doubt if medical science has benefited me in alleviating my sufferings in anyway but I am sure my syndrome can be much beneficial to the dermatology. I can be the prima facia subject for studying acne, probably the best. I have bought docs with diverse expertise to experiment with my face that has now transformed into an eroded area with evident crests and troughs, thanks to their acids and alcohols. It has been more than five years now, as my poor sanity remembers, since these cruel bacterium invaded my face. Six years passed since then but how patient one needs to be for witnessing some improvement, I still wonder.  The issue is still unresolved, much the same way like the ticklish Kashmir issue. Ha-ha... I think I will die wondering why?

In my six years of fight with acne hardly I came to meet a doc who could satisfy my poor sanity with one good reason behind acne. Some believe in the age factor while the others keep blaming the oils and unruly hormones. Also another class formulated a cyclic theory which I believe is somewhat agreeable, Thank god. The theory says that acne and psyche are iterating in a deadlock. The more severe the acne, the more depression it causes and vice-versa and thus the victim gets jailed in an infinite loop forever.

No doubt drugs helped me somewhat but only for the time being I used to fill my stomach with the scary pills. As soon I left taking the antibiotics, the acne reappear as if rejuvenated. How long can one burn his internal anatomy with antibiotics only to see a little change outside? This question will always wonder me. English, Unani, Ayurvedic, German homeopathy, Desi peer fakirs, seers; everything I did tried but nothing proved to be the lasting solution, unfortunately.    

Being well-versed with acne while holding my six year experience certificate of being an acne victim, I can very well suggest my therapy for acne. I believe it is only the time that is the best healer. And as I mentioned in my previous article, “It`s a big waste to grease the palms of docs with your pricey darling bucks just to burn your own face with their acids and alcohols.”

All we need is to be very patient and long-suffering. That’s it.