Aug 13, 2010

A journey from Heaven to Hell


Once called as Heaven Kashmir for it was winsome.

Now Hell is the word that suits its gruesome.

Heavenly waters rolled down the Hill.

Now only blood flows across the rill.

Papa left home with satisfaction.

Now will he return is the only question?

Shadows of the chinar provided some relief.

Now the shades of the guns fill all with grief

Do you remember the snow covered December?

Now only agony goes all along the year.

The land was sacred for the Deities of all.

Now only martyrs fill its stall.

One corpse body was carried by four.

Now the ratio inverted by one: four.

Soldiers were deployed cfor the safety of the crowd.

Now they wash their bloody hands with the common man`s shroud.

Once the valley echoed with laughter.

Now everyone yells for the daily slaughter.

Excursions picnics all were amused.

Now the valley looks totally bruised.

Fountainhead was it for all the love and peace.

Now it’s the Hot-bed for all the row and feirce.

Be it a Hindu or a Muslim it meant for every creation.

Now the map got changed with adult demarkations.

No fury was there as there was no gangster.

Now people took to streets throwing stones on the monster.

Paths blossomed with greens and flowers.

Now wires lie over as stumling blocks.

Intellectuals of the wold wake up from the slumber.

Genocide is going in every nook and corner.

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