Oct 9, 2010

Entertainment ke liye kuch bhi karega

“Entertainment ke liye kuch bhi karega” , a talent-hunt show aired by the sony TV a few days ago presented something that stupefied me and turned me frenzy to write-up this stuff. It was a squad of five kashmiri exquisite women in their showy kashmiri outfit and were going to exhibit the kashmiri folk dance.

In the beginning as the announcement was made regarding the participation of the Kashmir’s in the show I was dumb-founded beating up my mind and thinking how can someone partake in such a program and at such an odd time when the entire valley is burning. Okay I appreciate with the idea of enhancing our cultural folk but it was really a bad idea to cultivate our culture. Furthermore it was a potboiler performance and that too with some indecent remarks. At present when debates and intelligent conversations are being held regarding the present tribulations in Kashmir with a really applauding participation of the valleyites, a decent mind can’t expect such a feeble-minded event. Surely the combo might have earned the glory of “FULL ON” plus some 11k bucks and might have won millions of hearts across the country but I as kashmiri son won’t give a red cent for this poor opinion. There is one more reason for my frustration that’s their indecent attitude shown by the lady in the show in the scared month of Ramadan. On one hand all the kashmiri Muslim brethren were beseeching for Allah`s mercy in Ramadan-ul-Mubarak and concurrently the other face was so cheap as these blockheads were mocking with the celebrities. Let me add my point over here that is they have no right for letting us down by presenting a shameful and humiliating concert at a time when all the Kashmir is bleeding without a sign of abatement. I salute the young delegation comprising some brainy students from IUST who debated boldly on a TV channel and boycotted to have a snapshot with the Political giants of Delhi in resistance to the genocide of innocent kashmiris. And I can you on one thing that these pompous eves would have left no stone unturned if they would have also got a single chance for a photo session with the bollywood idols. The young students representing the Kashmir in worldwide talks could really act as a food for thought for these ostentatious women or the like who forgot that in kashmiri culture there is one thing far important than presenting “RauF” and that is their Austerity. I failed to understand and I couldn’t find any space to use an English phrase which goes like this “A woman`s place is in her home”. But here at this juncture it befits the most.

Lo! I realize the importance of modernization of women in the present era but unfortunately most of the ladies have mistaken the term “modernization ” as something about trendy outfits and grandiose stuff but in true it is something eternal perhaps a mindful conscience. The crux of the matter is to heed my dear sisters and my mothers to realize that their only identity of being a kashmiri women is that she is holier- than-thou.

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  1. i appreciate ur frustration,,its worthy i guess!!!